Nick was one of the three Christian brothers who founded Nulungu College, in Broome in 1971. Nulungu, at the time, was a boarding school for remote Kimberley Aboriginal students. 

Br. Nick must have been busy from dawn to dark, except Sundays. 

Photo: From the left: Nick, Peter Hardiman cfc, Tom Roberts cfc.

In addition to teaching classes till lunch-time,Nick was involved in every building project on the property, especially the Chapel, Manual Arts and the Library. He designed as well as helped make all the classroom and dining room desks and tables

The Brothers' dining room that Nick designed and built was an original design based on a Station Meat-house he had seen. The building had two end walls to the weather and open mesh and windows to the prevailing winds. Br. Nick used the same type of mesh many years later for the windows of the St. Theresa's Church, Balgo.

Most of the Housing Commission homes of the day in Broome had sturdy timber easy chairs on their verandahs, designed by Br. Nick and made by his woodwork students.

Artwork by Carlene Smith for the Funeral Booklet shows Nick teaching carpentry skills to his students with the Chapel he designed in the background. Carlene was on the Nulungu College staff and continues (2017) as a member of the St. Mary's staff.

Adult Education

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Chapel Photo: The Nulungu Chapel designed by Nick.
Art by Carlene Smith Artwork by Carlene Smith