Nick had an active mind that constantly produced stories and jokes as well as yarns and local history. He was a great reader, amazing you with his insights about life and religion.

Br Nick drew my attention to this quote from an Indian Jesuit, Anthony De Mello:
"Said the river to the seeker. 'Does one really have to fret about life? No matter which way I turn, I'm homeward bound."
This was like a motto for Nick, being optimistic despite setbacks.

Nick was never empty-handed. He always had something as a conversation starter among friends - a book or article, photos or a project plan, but mostly food. He enjoyed morning and afternoon tea and was great company both as speaker and listener.

I found the following story on Nick's desk. It is typical of the Anthony de Mello type of story that Nick found enjoyable as well as challenging:
The author is in a security check line at Winnipeg airport. A man carrying a bible is waved through, but the next man, carrying a small revolver is whisked away although he protests… "I would never use a revolver on a plane. I don't even have a single bullet with me." The author marvels at the havoc the man with the Bible could create if he taught Jesus' message and millions of people decided to live it. Any page of the Gospel could destroy our society much faster than a thousand guns. If a man carries a gun, we assume he will use it. If a man carries a Gospel book, we assume he won't.

Brother Nick lived simply with few belongings and few demands. However, his presence and influence were powerful for good. Though sensitive and pained by dissension or hardship or evil, the tension and strains of setbacks, his authentic manhood and the background of a religious life lived completely, made him a peacemaker and someone who came close to all he worked and lived with.


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