Birlirr Ngawiyiwu Catholic School, Ringer Soak - Yaruman.

Birlirr Ngawiyiwu Catholic School serves the families of the Kundat Jaru Aboriginal Community of Yaruman or Ringer Soak. The Community is on land excised from the Gordon Downs Pastoral Lease. Ringer Soak is about 170km south-east of Halls Creek in the Central Kimberley and by road is accessed using the Duncan Road and the Gordon Downs Road. The Gordon Downs Road crosses a flat section of the Sturt Creek which can flood during the wet season. The airstrip is elevated and almost always available.

The photos were taken over a period from the 1990s with the last around 2015. [Note: the aerial view above was taken before the mulitpurpose classroom was added]. You can watch them from the Photo Galleries below.

If you prefer you can view them on my Flickr site.

Around Birlirr Ngawiyiwu School

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Ringer Soak Environs


The Duncan Road - Road access to Ringer Soak