Aim: To establish a list of Principals over time for all Kimberley Catholic Schools. I have copies of Broome Diocese Directories which were produced at the beginning of each year so may not be accurate for the whole year. These were not produced prior to 1992 and I do not have the 1993 and 1997 issues. Other people have assisted me with names and dates.

Please contact me if you have information to add or can offer corrections.


1986: Sr Naomi Smith rsj Founding Principal
1987-1992: Sr June Barrett rsj Aboriginal Headmaster Peter Gordon
1993: Sr Nola Goodwin rsj. Aboriginal Headmaster Peter Gordon
1994: Sr Alma Cabassi rsj
1995: Sr Nola Goodwin rsj
1996: - April: Ms Jacqui Cross (Acting Principal)
1996 April-:1998: Sr Betty Keane rsj
1999-2000: Sr Jennifer Ihlein rsj
2001: Sr Nola Goodwin rsj
2002-2003: Mrs Annette O'Connor
2004: Term 1 & 2 Mr Vincent Russell (Acting Principal)
2004: Term 3 & 4 Mrs Annette O'Connor
2005-2006: Mr Vincent Russell
2007: Mr Gerard Tonti-Filippini (Acting)
2007: Br Rick Gaffney fsc (Acting)
2008: Ms Kelly Commisso
2009-Semester 1 2011: Ms Carmen Lord
2011 Semester 2 - 2013 end Semester 1: Mrs Joy Ketteringham
2013 Semester 2: Mr Anthony Davis (acting)
2014-2015 Mr Stan Grabski
2016: Mrs Joy Ketteringham
2017: Mr Peter Egan

Dates Uncertain:
Ms Panda Gardner
Ms Tricia Summers

1980-1983? Sr Brid De Courcy McDonnell ijs
1983-1985: Sr Anne O'Neill isj
1992-1998 end Semester 1: Sr Francine Roberts ibvm
1998 Semester 2 -2001: Sr Margaret Scott olm
2002-2003: Mrs Roslyn Trestrail
2004-2006: Mr Darren Side
2007-2011: Mr Barry Ennis
2012-2016: Mr Stephen Carroll
2017- Mrs Sharon LeRay

1954-1957: Sr Mary Ignatius Murnane ssjg Founding Principal
1958: Sr Mary Ignatius Murnane ssjg/Sr Catherine Hayes ssjg
1959-1960: Sr Catherine Hayes ssjg
1961-1966: Sr Conception Fleming ssjg
1967-1968: Sr Mechtilde Crosby ssjg
1969: Sr Claude Kinsella ssjg
1970-1971: Sr Marietta Mansfield ssjg
1972: Sr Dolores Tunnecliffe ssjg
1973: Sr Agatha Tighe ssjg
1974-1975: Sr de Porres Davis ssjg
1976: Sr Mary Kiely ssjg
1977-1985: Sr Leone Collins ssjg
1986-1988: Sr Mary Kiely ssjg
1989- 1992: Br Gerry Barrett fsc
1993: Br Hilary Walsh fsc
1994-1996: Mr Tony Treacy
1997: Mr Shaun O'Neill
1998 Semester 1: Sr Margaret Scott olm
1998 Semester 2: Mr John Ryan
1999-Term 1, 2001: Mr John Ryan
2001 Term 2 - Mr Steve Dowie
2002-2003: Mr Steve Dowie
2004 Term 1,2 & 4: (Acting Principal) Sr Margaret Scott olm
2004 Term 3: Mr Steve Dowie
2005-June 2006: Mr Peter Maloney
2006: June-July: Mr Danny O'Neill (Acting Principal)
July 2006- 2008: Mr Brendon Lawlor
2009- Mr Robert Palladino

1979 Sr Colleen Kleinschafer rsm Founding Principal
? - 1990: Sr Kathryn O'Callaghan rsm
1989-1992: Sr Rose Pelleri rsm
1993-1994: Sr Anne Priestley rsm
1995-1996: Mrs Eleanor Watson
1997: Bernadette Kennedy
1998 Term 1 Alistair Peacock (Acting Principal)
1998 Term 2> Mrs Eleanor Watson
1999-2000: Ms Caroline Hunneybun
2001: Mrs Barbara Ingham
2002-2005: Ms Rachel Smith
2006: Ms Janine Hart
2007: Mrs Alida Cowan
2008: Mrs Alida Cowan (On Leave)
2009-2015 Mr Les Coyle
2016-: Mrs Pam Brown

Dates Uncertain

Ms Tricia Summers
Ms Jo Harris

1979 Sr Bernadette Mills rsm
1980-1983: Sr Margaret Adams rsm
1984-1987: Sr Margarita Duffy rsm
1988-1992: Sr Margaret McGrath rsm
1994-2002: Sr Janet Lowe rsm
2003-2010: Mrs Patricia Holden
2011-2013: Mrs Anne Cullender
2014-2015: Mrs Sharon Beer
2016-: Mrs Teneillle Smith

2012 Principal: Br Rick Gaffney fsc
2013-2014 Co-ordinator: Mr Darren Perrett
2015- Co-ordinator: Mr Robert Ninkama

1996-1998:Sr Nola Goodwin rsj (Founding Principal)

1984-1997: Brother Leo Scollen fsc (Founding Principal)
1998 Term 1: Sr Carmel Heagerty rsm (Acting Principal)
1998 Tern 2> Br Leo Scollen fsc
1999-2007: Br Bernie Cooper fsc
2008-2015 Br Rick Gaffney fsc
2016 - July: Mr Gerard Tonti-Filippini
2016 July-: Mr Craig Battams

Tjingka Kutjarra Annexe Yagga Yagga [Yaka Yaka] (Teacher)
1994: Br Joe Gabel fsc
1996: Ms Jenny Cooper
1998-2000: Rachel Smith
2001: Mr Perter Marconi
2002-2003: Mr Geoff Holland

1979: Sr Clare Ahern rsj Founding Principal
1982 Sr Veronica Ryan rsj
1988 Sr Maree Ridler rsj
1992-1995: Sr Denise Casey rsj
1996-2002: Sr Margaret Keane rsj
2003-2008: Sr Alma Cabassi rsj
2009: Ms Katrina van de Water (Acting)
2010: Mr Peter Roguska
2011-2016: Ms Leanne Hodge
2017 Ms Debra Finn

Crocodile Hole - Teacher
1994 Mr Leon Savoia

1971-1974: Br Tom Roberts cfc Founding Principal
1975-1977: Br Brian Clery cfc
1978-1984: Br Laurie Negus cfc
1985-1990 : Br Peter Negus cfc
1991-1994: Br Kevin Ryan cfc
1995: Nulungu amalgamated with St Mary's School to form St Mary's College

1974 Sr Pauline Pratley olm (rndm) Founding Principal
1980-1983: Sr Margaret Spain olm (rndm)
Gradually amalgamated with Nulungu Catholic College, officially in 1985.

1976-1983: Sr Anne-Marie Murray ijs
1984-1985: Sr Aine Ryan ijs
1992: Mr Maurice van Dongen
1994: Mr Peter Baldry
1995 - 1996: Mrs Dianne Noonan
1997 - 1999: Mrs Mary Jacquier
2000: Term 1 Sr Veronica Ryan rsj
2000: Term 2 - 2004: Mr Gerard Tonti-Filippini
2005 - 2006: Mr Damien Geaney
2007 - 2009: Mr John Rose
2010 - 2012: Mr Ben Doyle
2013 - Mrs Lyla Forte

1974: Sr Veronica Ryan rsj
1985-1995: Sr Betty Keane rsj
1996-2000: Mr Stephen O'Halloran
2001-2004: Mr Allen McMahon
2005-2007 Mrs Carol Geurtz
2008 Term 1 Sr Catherine Warner pbvm
2008 Term 2-4 TBA
2009-2011: Sr Catherine Warner pbvm
2012-2014 Ms Janine Moore
2015-2016: Mrs Frances Haji Ali
2017 Mr Timothy Hogan

Principals (undated)
Sr Denise Brosnan rsj
Sr Anne Houston rsj
Sr Naomi Smith rsj
Sr Sarah Hogan rsj
Sr Margaret Keane rsj

1971-1974: Sr Anne Mills rsj Founding Principal
1992: Ms Sonia Fitzpatrick
1994-1995: Ms Kathryn O'Callaghan
1996-2002: Sr Maura O'Connell pbvm
2003- Ms Deborah Addison
2004-2006: Mrs Claire Kelly
2007-2011: Ms Clare Gray
2012: Mrs Andrea Millar
2013- 2016: Ms Naomi Martin
2017: Acting Principal - Ms Gabrielle Franco

Principals (undated)

Sr Denise Brosnan rsj
Sr Veronica Ryan rsj
Sr Anne Boland
Sr Mary Fran Coburn rsj

1985-1990: Sr Claire Gardiner
1991-1995: Sr Victor Wright ibvm Assistant Principal: JoAnne Shiosaki

1995-July 1996): Br Kevin Ryan cfc (Founding Principal)
1996 August >-2001: Ms Kath Heagney
2002: Mr Barry Baskerville (Acting Principal)
2003-2010: Mr Tony Treacy
2011: Mr Alan Farley
2012- Mr Michael Pepper

Principal Primary
1995: Mr Peter Baldry

Head of Primary
1996: Mr Michael Sibbald
1998-2002: Mr Tony Treacy
2003: Ms Maureen Burke
Head of Early Childhood (K-3)
2004-2006: Ms Angela Alibrando
Head of Junior School (4-7)
2004-2005: Mr Jamie Sgherza
2006- Miss Claire Wansborough
Head of Primary School
2008: Ms Angela Alibrandi
2009: Mr Simon Millar
Asistant (K-3)
2008: Mrs Amanda Martin
2009: Ms Annette Quirk
Assistant (K-7)
2008: Mr Tim Clear

Head of Secondary
1996-2004: Mr Ted Kosicki
2005-2007: Mr Ian Hagen
2008-2010: Mrs Corrie Hellema

Vice Principal and Head of Senior School
2011: Mrs Marie Barton
Head of Primary School
2011 Semester 1: Ms Annette Quirk
2011 Semester 2: Ms Margaret Valentine

Vice Principal
2012: Mrs Marie Barton
Head of Primary
2012: Mrs Margaret Valentine

Head of Secondary
2013 Term 1: Ms Natalie Calleja
2013 Term 2- Mrs Diane Popovich
Head of Primary
2013: Mrs Margaret Valentine
2014: Ms Coby Rhatigan

1991-1995: Sr Margaret Scott olm Founding Principal - worked on establishment of school from 1989.
1996-2000: Sr Frances Wilson olm
2001- 2002: Mrs Paula Sgherza
2003 Term 1: Ms Katrina van de Water
2003 Term 2 -4: Mrs Pat Williams
2004: Ms Caroline Hunneybun
2005-July 2007: Mr Steve Eggleton
2007 July-December Mr Tim Clear
2008-2010: Sr Nola Goodwin rsj
2011-2014 Mr Darren Side
2015- Mr Dean Savoia

1987: Sister Lucy Kert fdcc Founding Principal
1992: Sr Anne Boland rsj ?
1994-1995: Sr Nellie Versluys rsj
1996: Sr Mary Francis Coburn rsj
1997 ?
1998-2000: Ms Clare Scanlon
2001-2002: Mrs Pat Williams
2003-2006: Sr Maura O'Connell pbvm
2007-2010: Mr Dean Savoia
2011: Ms Clare Scanlon (part of year) Acting Principal
2011:Mrs Andrea Millar (remainder of year) Acting Principal
2012-2013: Mr Dean Savoia
2014 Ms Clare Gray
2015- 2016: Mrs Susan Scanlon
2017 Term 1: Mr Stan Grabski

Admiistrator: St John's Adult Centre
1988-1992: Sr Barbara Broad rsm
1993: Sr Margaret Scroop rsm
1994: Till June Br Nick Bilich cfc
1994: From July - April 2001: Sr Alice Dempsey ssjg
Administrator: Wirrumanu Adult Education Centre
March 2001 -2006 : Sr Cheryl Camp rsm
2007-2009: Sr Nola Goodwin rsj
2010-2011 Br Rick Gaffney fsc
Became Kutjungka Centre of Trade Training (2012-)


A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am alone, and feel the charm of existence in this spot, which was created for the bliss of souls like mine.

I am so happy, my dear friend, so absorbed in the exquisite sense of mere tranquil existence, that I neglect my talents. I should be incapable of drawing a single stroke at the present moment; and yet I feel that I never was a greater artist than now.

When, while the lovely valley teems with vapour around me, and the meridian sun strikes the upper surface of the impenetrable foliage of my trees, and but a few stray gleams steal into the inner sanctuary, I throw myself down among the tall grass by the trickling stream; and, as I lie close to the earth, a thousand unknown plants are noticed by me: when I hear the buzz of the little world among the stalks, and grow familiar with the countless indescribable forms of the insects and flies, then I feel the presence of the Almighty, who formed us in his own image.

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