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This Site is new and incomplete. The Home, Albums   and Collections Menu Items work. The two links above and all those below can be used.
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The incomplete Site has been put online as the pages that have content might be useful.

I have more than 5,000 images on Flickr. The great majority are my own photos; images by others are attributed in the descriptions. My Flickr nickname is yaruman5 (Yaruman is a Kimberley Community I regularly visited). Barkochre is my main storage folder on Flickr: a combination of ochre and bark, both indigenous art components.

A good way to browse my photos is to use Flickriver or Fluidr. Access these via the main menu or via the links below. Alternatively, you can access all my content in order of date of uploading through Photostream or most of my content via Collections and Albums.

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